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Clubsec Management was formed in May 2003 to breathe fresh life into a door supervision industry that had stagnated and bred stereotypes that all door supervisors were "bouncers" huge leering sneering gorillas who would pounce on anyone if they looked at them sideways and exercise their right to power trip as they saw fit by turning legitimate customers away on a whim. Clubsec was aware that whilst there were many door supervisors performing their duties admirably there was always that stereotype in patrons mind as they approached any venue with door supervisors on duty. With this in mind Clubsec strove to change peoples attitudes towards the industry and make sure that patrons safety and customer care was the focus of all its staff. Door supervisors are the first point of contact for all customers and therefore they were the all important first impression taken from that venue. Whereas other venues greeted their customers with a dirty look or grunt Clubsec welcomed their customers with a smile and polite greeting and offered an open door and approachable demeanour.  

Clubsec Management's MD Tony Agnew started his long and successful career in the private security industry as a student in Belfast's Queens University where he was made head of the student union Dance committee and was therefore tasked with security for the bars and functions, this task was despatched so expertly that other bars and clubs came asking for Tony to provide door security for their venues. Tony started supplying security staff to a different pubs and clubs in Belfast and beyond and formed a partnership with Mr Patrick Mallon the 2 of them founding Crystal promotions. When this partnership had run its course Tony formed Parasol Promotions and acquired lucrative contracts with publicans and groups. In 1999 Tony founded Eventsec and forged a partnership with Andrew Murphy a well trained and experienced operator in the event security and crowd control world in England. Clubsec was then formed in 2003 with Tony taking Clubsec in the deal to sell Andrew Eventsec in 2005. Since then Tony along with his 2 directors James Agnew and Liam Davey have been creating a safe environment for people to have fun.


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Clubsec Management has been supplying door supervisors and event security to PLM Promotions since 2003 and Tony Agnew before that since...

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